Flower arrangements at Town Hall for the Bloom judges

The provisional judging date for our Bloom entry is Wednesday 23rd July.  Jan Nowecki, Town Clerk, has met with Sue Davenport, Wokingham Flower Club, and arranged for Sue and other Club members to create displays which draw on the Bloom theme of wildlife and conservation.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

These displays will be ready for the judges’ lunch on the 23rd in the main hall at the Town Hall.  We plan to invite townspeople to come in and admire them from the next day.

Many thanks to Sue and Wokingham Flower Club for their support.  If you are interested in finding out more about Wokingham Flower Club and what it does please email:     kr.davenport@btopenworld.com


Expansion of the community orchard at Gipsy Lane allotments

This coming Saturday 1st March 2014 will see seven new fruit trees planted near the entrance of Gipsy Lane allotments.

Many thanks in advance to allotment tenants John, Julie, Lisa, Nicola, Rob and Roger for all of their help. Thanks also to Mary of Transition Wokingham for her guidance and expertise.

Five apple trees and two pears will join the seven trees planted in March last year.  All of the varieties have come from a grower of heritage trees.  All of the trees have a long-standing link to Berkshire or surrounding counties.

The area of the allotments we are using is too wet to be used for plots but the trees have flourished in the banks of earth built up around them.  Thanks here to offenders serving community payback orders and Thames Valley Probation Service for their help in shifting a lot of soil across the site.

There will be an article and photographs in our local newspapers about the planting party.


The Wokingham Word

There is an excellent article in the March edition of the Word about Wokingham in Bloom.  Many thanks to Carolyn for this.  Check out the Community News on page 7.
There will be further articles in subsequent editions as we keep publicizing Bloom.



A press release is being prepared for local media for next week’s papers.   Householders all across the town are being encouraged to provide simple homes in their gardens for birds, bats, beetles, bees and hedgehogs. Mention will be made of websites with easy to follow instructions on how to construct a bee hotel, for example.
We hope to hear from anyone who takes up the challenge – what they plan to do, have done and importantly who has moved in!
Is a webcam and link too ambitious?


Gipsy Lane Community Orchard

A group of Gipsy Lane allotment tenants Lisa and John, Julie and Steve, Roger, Nicola and Rob met at the allotments on Saturday 1st February to plan the extension of the community orchard on an adjacent space by the seven trees planted last year.  It was decided to plant another seven young trees and to include some plum and pear varieties.  Like last year expert advice will be sought from Mary of Transition Wokingham. The target date for planting is Saturday 1st March.
If all goes to plan the orchard will comprise 14 trees.  The seven from 2013 (6 apple and one plum, all local heritage varieties) are doing well with the exception of one apple which has some damage to its bark near the ground.

Photo shows a flavour of last year’s hard work!