Wokingham Litter Heroes and Pavilions Border

On Sunday 17th April Wokingham Litter Heroes filled 5 large plastic sacks with discarded rubbish from the Pavilions Border footpath by Wokingham Superbowl.  They also ventured into Superbowl’s car park.  The Litter Heroes were joined on Sunday by 5 local children who see the importance of improving our environment.  A brilliant effort by Litter Heroes and their young helpers. You have made a real difference.

On a related matter most of  the green painted fence by Superbowl will shortly be removed – it is listing to starboard in several places. There is a pyracantha hedge behind the fence which should be an effective barrier.



‘Greenfingers’ gardening competition for all Wokingham town residents

Despite a possible temporary setback this weekend spring has sprung.  So calling all gardeners….the Town Council’s long established gardening competitions are launched for 2016.  There are campaigns for schools, town centre businesses and allotment plot holders as well as the ‘greenfingers’ campaign for all amateur gardeners within the boundary of the town. Greenfingers has five categories: front gardens, back gardens, window boxes and containers, window boxes and containers for residents with physical and sensory impairments, and residential care homes. Judging takes place in early July under the auspices of Wokingham Horticultural Association.

The gardening campaigns are an important part of the town’s entry into Thames and Chilterns in Bloom.  For 2016 the Bloom theme is ‘greening grey Britain for health and happiness’.

You may also like to incorporate red, white and blue plants to commemorate Her Majesty’s the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Don’t think that Alan Titchmarsh’s standards are required. If you enjoy gardening and are pleased with what you achieve please 20160415114946_0000120160415115004_00001do enter.   Do call 0118 974 0886 if you have questions.