Community Garden and Orchard / Norreys Garden Care Scheme: It’s Your Neighbourhood

Yesterday evening (3rd) two assessors from Thames and Chilterns in Bloom visited both the garden care scheme and the community orchard and garden to consider their progress as part of the It’s Your Neighbourhood section of Thames and Chilterns in Bloom.  In this section individual standalone projects are assessed on their own merits on a non-competitive basis.
The results will be announced at the Bloom presentation event at Henley Town Hall on 17th September.

Norreys Garden Care Scheme

Linda and Alan Newport manage this under the auspices of Transition Wokingham.  People who cannot manage their gardens allow others to tend them to grow fruit and vegetables: householders and growers share the produce.  Gardens and growers combined in the scheme number over 60.  It’s a great community based scheme…..unused gardens tended, food is produced and volunteers who garden may have social, emotional or physical problems benefit from taking part.

Community garden and orchard

After looking around the garden care scheme the assessors visited the above.  Linda and Alan and Mary Paul showed them around and explained how a piece of neglected waste ground is being turned into a lovely space for people to enjoy.  Really pleasing how a  father and his daughters from nearby saw what was happening and have taken on an area of the garden to look after – and they are enlisting help from their neighbours as well!  Since the previous post the lower limb of the horse chestnut tree has been removed, logs used to edge the paving slabs, Rebecca Reed and her Woodcraft Folk have built a deluxe bug hotel with and made a tremendous sign for it.  Special mention to Keith from Sale Garden Cottages for this work in watering the garden and as an honorary traffic warden!

Whatever the assessors say about these projects both are great success in their own right.  On behalf of Wokingham in Bloom heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.