Community garden and orchard

Many thanks to Linda, Alan and Mary and all of their volunteers for their hard work and commitment in transforming an area of barren land into a community garden and orchard.  The 200 square metres or so is owned by Wokingham Borough Council and can be found by Cockpit Path where it crosses the top of Howard Road.
Many thanks to Keith from Sale Garden Cottages who has undertaken  to water the plants.  It is hoped that the planting will be finished by the end of this week and that the flagstones donated by Balfour Beatty will all be laid.
A group of Woodcraft Folk will manage one section of the garden as will young uns from Sunbeam Play Group.  The raised beds will be looked after by some residents from Sale Garden Cottages.
The five apple trees for the orchard have arrived and will be planted very soon.  They are all heritage varieties with a long history of cultivation in southern England.
The garden and orchard is on the judging route for Bloom on 23rd July.  It has also been entered in Bloom’s ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ section as well.  This is not a competition but rather an ongoing assessment of community based projects.  Fingers crossed for everyone involved when the assessors visit in early July.
Whatever happens the group can be very proud of their efforts!

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