Hanging flower baskets in Wokingham Town centre

Surely spring is just around the corner?  Plans are in place for the 85 hanging flower baskets and planters around the town centre provided by the town council.  For 2016 the colour scheme will be red, white and blue – a big nod to Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.  Our contractor has been asked to fill the baskets and troughs with sky blue, blue vein and deep red surfinias; dragon wing red and illusion white begonias; Cambridge blue lobelia; white bacopa and silver helichrysum.

Wokingham in Bloom has invited all town centre businesses to take their own baskets from our contractor from May to September.  It would be splendid if Wokingham residents could plant their own baskets and gardens with a red, white and blue theme using some of the varieties of bedding plants mentioned.

Wokingham awash with red, white and blue  -there’s a thought.