It’s Your Neighbourhood

The It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYN) section of Thames and Chilterns in Bloom is different!  It is separate from the main competition where towns, cities and villages  with similar population numbers are pitted against each other.  In fact IYN is not a competition at all.  Individual standalone projects are looked at by Bloom assessors on their own merits and are not measured against any other projects.

Each scheme is looked at for its overall community participation, the environmental responsibility it shows and it’s gardening achievements.

It is then given its own rating from:

establishing, improving, developing, thriving, outstanding

In 2014 the Cockpit Path community garden was assessed to be ‘thriving’.  In 2015 it was awarded an ‘outstanding’ accolade – wonderful recognition for all of the volunteer gardeners and their efforts.

In 2015 the Elms Field garden was assessed to be ‘thriving’ – a great achievement in its first year.

Follow this link for more information about It’s Your Neighbourhood and how to get involved.