More fruit trees planted at Gipsy Lane community orchard

On Saturday 1st March 2014, a crisp and sunny morning, some Gipsy Laneallotment tenants planted seven fruit trees at the site.  Five apples and two pears, all heritage varieties local to Berkshire and neighbouring counties were planted.

The apple trees are:

John Standish, maiden, Berks (m106)
Lane’s Prince Albert, bush, Bucks) m106)
Cox’s Orange Pippin, bush, Berks & Bucks (m106)
Irish Peach, bush, regional (m106)
Queen Cox, bush, Berks (m106)

The pear trees are:

Conference, bush, regional (Quince A)
Beurre Hardy, bush, regional (Quince A)

The planting site near the entrance is too wet to use as allotment plots and to give the trees a good start earth mounds were built up to plant the trees in.  Nicola, Julie, Rob, Roger, John and Steve got stuck in building the mounds up and re-excavating a drainage channel.  These new trees join the seven planted last year which are all growing strongly. 

In the near future there will be apples for the table and the press!  As part of the town’s entry into Thames and Chilterns in Bloom an uncultivated piece of ground has now been used productively.
Nicola, and Mary from Transition Wokingham, have recently pruned last year’s trees and administered some tender loving care to them.
Previously some very effective drainage work was carried out by offenders serving community payback orders.

A great joint effort by everyone involved.  Many, many thanks to all.

Steve, a local press photographer, recorded the event.    Photos courtesy of Nicola.