Pavilions Border, the scouts and the woodchip

A quick break for a snap and a biscuit

A quick break for a snap and a biscuit

On Saturday 20th June 2015, with the threat of rain lurking in the humid air, an intrepid band of scouts from 1st Finchampstead gathered at the Pavilions Border off Wellington Road.

Marshalled by Scout Leader James Dunn and Rose Street gardener Mrs Gerry Higson the scouts were set to work.  A caravan of wheelbarrows moved tons of woodchip from the big heap at the bottom of the footpath to the planting by Wokingham Superbowl. Scout team B spread the woodchip all around.  The planting which is now in full flower looks wonderful.

For two years volunteers from the Methodist Church have toiled to create a community garden from scrubland and have succeeded mightily.

1st Finchampstead have supported the gardeners on many occasions. Well done to one and all.

On Saturday Town Mayor Cllr Philip Mirfin was very impressed with the boys application and achievements.  Oh and for good measure the scouts rounded off their morning with a litter pick!