Roses on Rose Street: Wokingham in Bloom

It has been a long-held ambition of Rose Street residents and others to see the half-moon shaped brick bed opposite WADE’s shop tidied up and replanted. This ambition has now been realised.  The rotten buddleia stump, ivy, rocks and weeds along with several unidentified self-sown plants have been removed and replaced with roses.  To allow more light and sunshine to filter down the adjacent cherry tree has been crown lifted.  To prepare the bed for planting well-rotted manure and topsoil has been dug in.


A tea beak!

So many people, groups and organisations have been involved in this: many thanks to Julia and James from Wokingham Borough Council for their support and encouragement;  WBC’s contractor Quadron for the initial clearance work and crown lifting; offenders serving community payback orders under the supervision of Thames Valley Probation Service for further clearance; OCS street cleaning team for the removal of much debris and especially to Rose Street Gardeners for spreading the manure and topsoil and, of course, for planting the roses.

Many thanks to all of the passers-by last Saturday for their words of encouragement and gratitude.

Several Rose Street residents have volunteered to help look after the roses which are guaranteed to provide much pleasure over the coming months.  If you are in the neighbourhood do go and have a look.

This new planting will add to the excellent planting Rose Street residents make outside of their front doors.  In summer the roses around door and window frames are a real delight.


Cleared and planted. Roll on summer!