Thames and Chilterns in Bloom judging date is Friday 24th July starting at 10am

Yes, it really is that near at hand.   A great deal of work is going on to present the town in the best light to the two experienced Thames and Chilterns in Bloom judges.  It sounds like a cliche but getting a good score won’t have been for the want of trying. Everyone in the town can play their part particularly if you live near one of the featured stops for the judges and especially if you live along the route the judges will be taken along.  Both can be found on our website and the route is also on the Town Council’s website   If you do live on the route it would be very much appreciated if you could look at the front of your property and deal with any weeds which are lurking there.  They seem to grow when you turn your back.Bloom map 2015 V3 The eyes of the judges are everywhere!  We were delighted to receive prestigious Silver Gilt medals in 2013 and 2014 and hope to at least do the same in 2015.