Wokingham in Bloom’s colour scheme for 2015

The Town Council has a contract for hanging flower baskets to be installed around the town centre.  From May 2015 the number will be increased from 61 to 77, and for the first time baskets will be hung from lamp-columns on Rose Street.  A further innovation will be six hanging baskets on the Town Hall.

The colour scheme chosen by the Wokingham in Bloom steering group for this year is bright orange, purple and pink.  The flowers in the baskets will be a combination of Begonia Illumination (orange), Calibrachoa (dark lavender), Pellargonium Decora (dark pink) and Surfinia (hot pink). Cascades of colour will assault the judges when they visit in July.

Last week letters and order forms from Wokingham in Bloom were delivered by steering group members to all of the businesses in the town centre.  The contractor, Windowflowers, is able to offer fully planted, maintained and watered 20 inch hanging baskets with these flowers in them for the discounted rate of £50.00 plus VAT.  The baskets will look wonderful from May to October. Over the previous two years many businesses have taken one or more baskets and we hope that many more will do so in 2015.

All residents across the town are invited to use the bright orange, purple and pink colour scheme for their own gardens and hanging baskets.  If we can go anyway towards achieving this then the town will present a brilliantly colourful face for the judges to admire.  Happy planting!

If you want to get involved with Bloom please contact: Wokingham in Bloom at  amenities@wokingham-tc.gov.uk